On-Site Drum Crushing Service

On-Site Metal Drum Crushing Service

Safety and Liability

Plant managers want to avoid seeing drums build up at their facility due to concerns about housekeeping. Reducing the volume of empty drums needs to be done safely. Concerns about the liability associated with empty drums can be eliminated by crushing them and disposing of the slugs in an environmentally sound manner. Drumcrushers has been providing a service to manufacturing and service industries since 1992. We bring our mobile drum crushing unit to where the drums are and safely reduce the accumulation and haul them away. The trailer-mounted crusher is equipped with a diesel engine (no electricity required) and can crush a 55-gallon steel drum down to about a 4“ slug.

Drum Crushing

Drumcrushers offers an affordable solution to the increasingly difficult problem of drum disposal. Empty drums present a liability issue. We bring our mobile drum crushing equipment to your facility and quickly reduce your collection of drums to scrap metal. They are then ready to be recycled. In addition to 55-gallon steel drums, we can also crush your pails and cans.

To keep your facility neat and avoid the wrong type of attention, arrange for a regular schedule for drum crushing.

55 gallon drum in mobile drum crushing unit

Drum Packing

Do you have solid waste materials that are disposed of in drums? Our mobile equipment can be a real money saver. We can reduce two to three drums of compactable solid waste into one drum.

  • Paint Spray Booth Filters
  • Plating Filters
  • Contaminated Shop Rags
  • Protective Clothing
  • Sorbents

All work is done at your facility, so you maintain control of environmental compliance issues.

steel drums ready to be crushed on-site

Key Benefits

Key Benefits of Drum Compacting

  • We come right to the drums at your facility with our "drum crusher on wheels" to take care of your drum disposal needs.
  • Once crushed, the drums can be placed in your scrap hopper or hauled away.
  • In addition to steel drums, we can crush your barrels, pails, cans, and fiber drums.

Key Benefits of Drum Packing

  • We come to YOUR facility
  • We save you hundreds of dollars
  • If it's compactable, it'll work
crushed 55 gallon steel drums ready to be hauled away

Recycled Steel and the Environment

The American Iron and Steel Institute reports that steel is 100 percent recyclable, but AISI member companies have reduced their energy intensity per ton of production by 35 percent and CO2 emissions intensity by 37 percent in the past three decades.

Steel is now North America's most recycled material, with an overall recycling rate of 88 percent.

Steel is continuously recyclable, which means it can be recycled over and over with no loss of performance.

Placing empty drums in a dumpster is not sustainable. It takes a lot of space (costly) and a landfill is not the right place for steel drums to end up. Keeping the steel recycling cycle going is easy with Drumcrushers and is an environmentally conscious choice.

Contact Drumcrushers and let the team tackle your empty drums and buckets. 

We offer a convenient, efficient, and economical way to dispose of empty drums and pails.