On-Site Drum Crushing Service

Mobile Drum Crushing

We come right to the drums at your facility with our "drum crusher on wheels."

mobile on-site drum crushing machine

Serving Wisconsin Industry Since 1992

Drumcrushers offers the solution to empty drums or barrels that cannot be returned to the supplier. See how a 55 gallon drum can be crushed to a 4” slug by our trailer-mounted drumcrushing unit. It is now scrap metal ready to be recycled into a useful product. We are eager to work with manufacturers and government agencies to provide an environmentally sound solution to drum disposal.

crushed 55 gallon steel drum haul away old 55 gallon steel drums
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Message from the Owner Mark Boettcher

If steel drums are part of your manufacturing process or service, I can help you manage their disposal of them. The steel industry is proud to say that steel is a material that can continuously be reused, a truly recycled product. Steel does not belong in the landfill. I will bring my mobile drum crushing unit to your facility and quickly and SAFELY reduce your accumulation of drums to a load ready to be reprocessed into another steel product. I’ve been providing this service since 1992. I’m eager to talk with you about how Drumcrushers can work with you to dispose of your buckets and drums.

Owner Mark Boettcher